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Your Trusted Hub for Business Intelligence

Harness your data's true power with AesirX BI with decentralized consent model: the ethical & reliable business intelligence solution spearheaded by first-party data insights that you & your users can trust.

GDPR & CCPA compliant

GA4 Alternative

Meets ePrivacy Directive

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The Competitive Landscape

Decentralized Data Model
Cookieless TrackingPossible
First-Party DataPossiblePossible
First-Party Consent
First-Party Leads (Coming Soon)
Cross-Site Marketing
Compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)SeamlessPossiblePossiblePossiblePossible
Consent Requirement (ePD 5.3)SeamlessPossible


The Perfect Harmony for Insightful Data Management

Many businesses use Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyze data for informed decision-making.

With the phasing out of third-party cookies & JavaScript tracking, legal consent & privacy compliance in data collection are crucial.

AesirX Analytics transforms customer data collection: It uses first-party data without cookies, ensuring compliance with GDPR & ePrivacy Directive, & protects user privacy.

This data is then turned into actionable insights with the multi-featured AesirX BI dashboard.

The Perfect Harmony for  Insightful Data Management


Pioneering Ethical Insights with Decentralized Consent

At the heart of AesirX BI lies the world-first Shield of Privacy, operating on a ground-breaking decentralized consent model. AesirX ensures ethically sourced, GDPR & ePrivacy Directive compliant, consent-based insights, setting a new standard in responsible data usage.

Respect user privacy & experience responsible data analysis with AesirX BI.

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Pioneering Ethical Insights  with Decentralized Consent


Why Choose AesirX BI?

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Ethical & compliant first-party data

Legally & ethically collected first-party data to fuel your business strategies. Privacy-by-design solution meets GDPR & ePD 5(3) requirements & fosters a secure marketing environment.

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Decentralized consent model

Data analytics are obtained via AesirX Shield of Privacy utilizing decentralized consent. Users have full control over their data & can grant or revoke consent.

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Easy intelligence for all

Build a smart business culture & enable effective cross-site marketing with easy-to-use BI for everyone. Help all team members make impactful decisions using the latest data.

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Concordium partnership

Leveraging Concordium Web3 technology, collecting anonymous insights without gathering personally identifiable information.

Becoming a Data Analyst has never been easier!

Real-time analytics

Get rich & detailed understanding of audience behaviors to improve user experiences & steer your project toward success.

Visitor Data Analysis

Demographical Data Analysis

Audience Behaviors

UTM Tracking & UTM Tracking Generator

Event Tracking & Event Generator

Export to PDF & make reporting effortless

Becoming a Data Analyst  has never been easier!
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Quick & easy to install with free WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal plugins.

Our open-source foundation allows for simple setups by any CMS admin or developer & the freedom to customize AesirX BI to your business needs, using any API in the PWA.